Billing (5)

All about Payments like the card payment etc

Cpanel Hosting Issues (3)

All about the Cpanel control panel and how to best use it to control your own hosting account and help your customers do the same.

Domain Name (4)

About Domain registration,transfer,Premium Domain, Addon Domain name, Sub Domain Name etc

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 Premium Domain registration

What Premium Domain Names Are A domain name that's already owned by a private or company is...

 How do I update my contact information in cPanel?

To update your contact information in cPanel, you can use the Update Contact Information feature....

  Does my website get a control panel?

Yes. Every web hosting package comes with a web browser based control panel. The control panel...

 Overbilling and Underbilling!

If you have a high billing on a particular service(s) than the prices listed on our web site, it...

 Refund Process

You can ask for a refund in this cases listed below: 1- If you domain wasn't activated 2- If...

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